Saturday, August 2, 2014

New rumour - 2G S2000 coming, 2G NSX delayed

One of our members with insider connections told us this latest 'news':

1)The 2G S2000 just got the greenlight from Management.
It will be hybrid and MR. The engine will be a version of the CTR Engine, redesigned to be higher revving than the one in the CTR. Unlike current IMA implementations however, here, the electric motor will be used to counter the effect of turbo-lag. I.e. it will be used to supply low-end torque to fill in the 'gaps' in the powerband when the turbocharger is spooling up. Gearbox will be Honda's i-DCD with a '50/50' odds of a manual version as well. He also thinks Honda will be looking at making it a 2+2 instead of the original 2-seater. 

This new 2G S2000 will be built in Ohio next to the new 2G NSX. 

2)Speaking of the 2G NSX, it seems that Nurburgring fire will now delay it from 6-12 months ! This means the new 2G NSX will now be launched in 2016 instead of the original plan of 2015.

As usual, all these 'info' are un-verified.