Monday, January 27, 2014

Rumour : Honda's new VTEC Turbo engine delayed

If you are a regular at our (TOV/TOVA) forums, you will already have read the rumour but for those who are not, we have an insider telling us that Honda was supposed to debut one of their new generation VTEC Turbo engines this year but this has now been postphoned to next year due to the need for more developments. Also, Honda's new 2-motor hybrid has also been similarly delayed. The full rumour is below. Take it with the same precaution as you will for all rumours of such nature.

The VTEC TURBO ENGINES will not be ready until 2015.

The Lithium Battery Shortage will not be solved until 2016.

The first car to get the VTEC TURBO ENGINE had its launched delayed from late 2014 to 2015.

Step Wagon is getting the 1.5L VTEC TURBO ENGINE(on sale 2015) and the 2.0L TWO-MOTOR HYBRID(delayed to 2016 because of battery shortage).

Looks like the Vezel will launch in NA with out a Turbo engine in Fall 2014.

So it also looks like we will be waiting another year(some two years) for all the new fun Hondas/Acuras!And very low supply of Hybrids in all markets except Japan.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Short test drive - Honda Vezel

TOVA contributor Daniel who is currently living in Japan recently test drove the new Honda Vezel and came with this short report which appeared in our TOV forum. We reproduce it here. (Image of Vezel taken from

Daniel Garcia:
The other day I went to meet a friend working at a Honda dealer and enjoyed the opportunity to quickly check out the Vezel.

First of all, the dealer was pretty much filled up, and it had been like that for a while according to my friend. Certainly business is doing well in Japan in recent times.