Monday, March 31, 2014

Japan's BEST CAR on the new Civic Type-R

The japanese domestic car magazine 'BEST CAR' featured 'scoop' info on the new Civic Type-R in its latest issue. Our (TOV) staff in Japan, Daniel Garcia, scanned and translated that article for our 'News and Rumours' section. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New 10G Civic Type-R concept revealed in the Geneva Motor show

By now, most Honda fans would have already read the official Honda press release and also saw the videos and admired the photos of the forthcoming new (10G) Honda Civic Type-R. Our news article on this is at

The most important details from Honda's press release are of course the confirmation that the new Civic Type-R will have a new 'Earth Dreams' 2.0l direct injection turbocharged engine delivering at least 280ps and still EURO-6 compliant for emissions. Well those are the official details.

In our news article, right now there is an ongoing debate about whether Honda will continue to use the Torsion beam as the rear suspension. And also that although Honda says at least 280ps, supposedly some UK magazines have already published claims of information from their own insiders that the actually current power is around 300ps and it is steadily increasing. So the suggestion is to expect the new Civic Type-R to have in excess of 300ps. The intention is still to achieve the status of being the fastest FF car in the Nurburgring.