Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New model information ?

In response to a recent post I made here with regards to new model information, a TOVA reader with the nickname of 'lee' posted a comment listing information about new model launch dates for Malaysia. I decided to delete the comment and post his info into a proper post for the benefit of all readers.

Lee's original comment and information are as follows:

hi buddy,
these are confirm information (inside source)
CRZ 1.5(M) ~ November 2011
CRZ 1.5 (CVT) ~ To be advised
City MMC ~ December 2011
Civic (9th Gen) ~ Feb 2012
CRV 2.0 (4th Gen) ~ Q2 2012

I left out his contact detail to protect him (just in case).

A huge thanks to "lee" for this info, which I believe to be quite accurate based on what I know.