Sunday, February 24, 2013

The question of the 'Hot' CR-Z : the official Honda answer

The 'new' CR-Z, actually the mid-term MMC for the CR-Z was officially launched in Malaysia on February 21st last week. This is actually very fast as the MMC was launched in Japan barely a few months away. When the CR-Z was first launched here, I asked a question to Norio Tomobe-san, the LPL for the CR-Z which it seems was quite widely circulated. I asked him about the rumours of the 'hot' CR-Z which was continously making its rounds especially in the internet and on UK magazines. At that time, he gave me a 'thumbs up' which I took it to mean 'YES' and excitedly reported it. Unfortunately nothing happened at all for more than a year. To be honest, I had more or less gave up and had written Honda off for making a fake promise. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

'New' CR-Z coming to Malaysia this month

For Malaysian enthusiasts who might have been waiting eagerly, the 'new' (i.e. MMC) CR-Z will be launched here in Malaysia this month itself, the 21st, in fact right after the 'Chinese New Year' week (i.e. next week), less than 2 weeks away. 

My understanding is we will be getting the JDM-spec version, with the 'new' 136ps engine and not the lame one used in the 'new' USDM CR-Z. Following this, the rest of ASEAN will of course be getting this car as well. In the media gathering, I overheard that there will be a private Q&A session with the CR-Z LPL the day before the launch but reserved for selected people only so expect news of the 'new' CRZ to start coming out on the 20th. We will be asking our questions during the press conference in the launch day itself.

Another answer to the Honda Proton collaboration

This video is taken from the same press conference and is of Honda Malaysia's new COO Mr Roslan bin Abdullah answering the same question as Yoichiro Ueno-san - about the Honda-Proton collaboration. The answer is a bit more intelligible this time but the PA system volume was quite low so you need to turn up the volume on your computer speakers in order to hear what Mr Roslan was saying (basically nothing more than what we have already reported here on 'Honda Fan').

Friday, February 8, 2013

Honda Malaysia CEO's official answer to the Honda Proton collaboration

The by now infamous announcement about the Honda-Proton collaboration continues to be of interest to many Honda fans with many questions still unanswered. To date, other than the original press release, neither party has made any further clarifications. As Proton is a Malaysian car manufacturer, naturally we are expected to be in a position to find out most about the details of this collaboration.


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