Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spy photo of 4th Generation CR-V

U.S. car magazine CAR & DRIVER has published a photo of the new (4th Gen) CR-V on their website. The photo was apparently taken by one of their readers and submitted to C&D. The link to the photo and its accompanying article (which does not say much actually) is below. The photo above was taken from the website (it has been re-sized, for the original photo, please visit the C&D website).

The CR-V is one of Honda's global models and unlike models like the Civic and Accord, it is marketed worldwide in a single unified design. So expect the new Asian CR-Vs to have a similar design. So far there have been absolutely NO information about the new 4G CR-V. As for asia, expect the 4G CR-V to only debut at least 6months, if not later, then the U.S. launch which is apparently around the end of this year.

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