Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New model information ?

In response to a recent post I made here with regards to new model information, a TOVA reader with the nickname of 'lee' posted a comment listing information about new model launch dates for Malaysia. I decided to delete the comment and post his info into a proper post for the benefit of all readers.

Lee's original comment and information are as follows:

hi buddy,
these are confirm information (inside source)
CRZ 1.5(M) ~ November 2011
CRZ 1.5 (CVT) ~ To be advised
City MMC ~ December 2011
Civic (9th Gen) ~ Feb 2012
CRV 2.0 (4th Gen) ~ Q2 2012

I left out his contact detail to protect him (just in case).

A huge thanks to "lee" for this info, which I believe to be quite accurate based on what I know.


fish said...

Hi Wong, no Brio for M'sia? After launching that model was kinda quiet..

WongKN said...

Hi Chan, unfortunately nothing concrete at this moment. The issue Honda Asia HQ is in Thailand and this means any mainstream model will have to debut in Thailand first before it shows up in any other country. The exception being the CBU models like CTR, Stream, etc. But those I know were always a big fight for any country office to try to justify marketing in their country. Like the CTR for e.g.

fish said...

thanks for responding. Well, the manual CR-Z is certainly great news if true.

WongKN said...

I believe it to be very accurate. I am pretty sure the CR-Z -is- coming soon, from all the hints and smiles I see whenever we talked about it coming to Malaysia. But when, of course, they didn't say and I didn't want to push them (don't want to make their job difficult). But one of the more recent hint was "soon".

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