Thursday, May 17, 2012

Honda CR-Z Review is out.

My initial review of the CR-Z is finally finished. There was a slight delay in getting it published on TOVA but it is finally up as at yesterday night. As I did several different tests on this car, I have taken the strategy of publishing several articles so this initial review will be followed by a few other shorter reviews addressing specific areas, like dyno results, or 0-100kph standing start acceleration tests. 

More than any other Honda model, the CR-Z has been 'different'. It is Honda's first hybrid 'sports car', and one of the first hybrid 'sports car' in the world. In addition, Honda has taken a quite different approach with the CR-Z, compared to their sports coupes and hot hatches of old, like the Integra, Civic SiR, CR-X, and so forth, and especially their Type-Rs. Consequently, the CR-Z has elicited countless controversies and even outright arguements between long time Honda fans. Opinions of it have been really polarized, with lots of praises and lots of criticisms. After 'owning' the car for a weekend, I have found that, as would be expected and as usual, it all really do depend on one's point of view. This is one of the most important issue I intend, and hope, to address in this review feature. 

To make it easy for you, the link to TOVA is at Feel free to give your comments or ask your questions here in this post. 


FiSH-Chan said...

Thank you so much! Your article is very informative and detailed. Can't wait for the other parts.

Side note, I finally saw the Jazz hybrid in the showrooms, it's one nicely featured car, and made the Insight look dull (from the inside)! Sometimes have to wonder why Honda simply just don't make these first and sell a billion of them. Well at least in hybrid-tax-free Malaysia..

FiTTo said...

Hi Wong, Any in depth review of the LDA engine like the one u did for the L series? Nice Review.
Oh the new JDM only Fit RS Hybrid kills this car. What U think?

TOVA said...

I did a tech overview of the CR-Z's LDA engine, what I feel to be probably the only technical article about the engine on the net. It has been on TOVA for some time, the link to it is here -> .

I think the CR-Z and Fit Hybrid RS are two different vehicles meeting two different requirements. I feel both have their places though I can say I personally would prefer a more powerful CR-Z. But I think both are good cars.

human668 said...

CR-Z and Fit Hybrid RS can co-exist. There's a fundamental difference between sitting low driving a sporty coupe and driving a normal 5 door hatch at normal sitting height.

This LEA-MF6 engine is actually very good for what it is. I think it's held back by the 6MT. Looking at the gear ratio, it has been set up to use power from IMA for city driving fuel economy rather than performance.

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