Monday, January 27, 2014

Rumour : Honda's new VTEC Turbo engine delayed

If you are a regular at our (TOV/TOVA) forums, you will already have read the rumour but for those who are not, we have an insider telling us that Honda was supposed to debut one of their new generation VTEC Turbo engines this year but this has now been postphoned to next year due to the need for more developments. Also, Honda's new 2-motor hybrid has also been similarly delayed. The full rumour is below. Take it with the same precaution as you will for all rumours of such nature.

The VTEC TURBO ENGINES will not be ready until 2015.

The Lithium Battery Shortage will not be solved until 2016.

The first car to get the VTEC TURBO ENGINE had its launched delayed from late 2014 to 2015.

Step Wagon is getting the 1.5L VTEC TURBO ENGINE(on sale 2015) and the 2.0L TWO-MOTOR HYBRID(delayed to 2016 because of battery shortage).

Looks like the Vezel will launch in NA with out a Turbo engine in Fall 2014.

So it also looks like we will be waiting another year(some two years) for all the new fun Hondas/Acuras!And very low supply of Hybrids in all markets except Japan.

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HondaPro Jason said...

I wonder how the battery shortage will effect the U.S.

CR-V9 said...

I don't think the US is their 1st priority for now with Hybrids. If they are going to change Civic hybrids to the 2-motor system then there are more reasons they'd want to be ready for that change. It does make sense because Accord hybrids with 2-motor run better 50mpg than Civic hybrids 47mpg, and Accord is heavier.

Are these turbos going to replace all these new DI engines? I guess what they learned from F1 on engine production is working fine. And I have a feeling they will switch to DCTs from CVTs eventually except sub-mini cars.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely don't care for Turbos, as they've been artificially hyped in Europe, turned out to be problem ridden, cost intensive and guzzle more fuel on top speed. Displacement can only be substituted by more displacement. ;)

Sad to hear about the hybrid development though. I hoped for a new Civic Hybrid with i-MMD somewhen in 2015. The i-DCD system may accelerate fast, but fails in terms of comfort.
They should stick with Hondas self made CVT, rather than european provided DCT that already caused first recalls (see DCT, not with me!

Portable Engines said...

Good to know about Honda's new version. I think the rumors are spread around about the engines. Any day Honda's are the best.

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