Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Honda S660 interior photo !

What is claimed to be a photo of the brochure for Honda's new S660 open-top K-sized 'sports car' has been leaked on the internet. At the moment, the one we are aware of is put up on the indian car blog below. Eventually I think it will be put up on other blogs.

Along with the photo is also a table which is claimed to be the specifications of the car. The car will be K-car sized and will comply with the Japanese regulations for Kei-cars - with a 660cc engine and delivering a max of 63ps at 6,000rpm. It is supposed to be turbocharged (the original Honda Beat on which this S660 is supposed to be replacing is NA). 

It is said that this S660 is due to be launched in Japan this month but has since been delayed to early next year, with delivery to begin only around mid of the year. 

The link is below:

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