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Editor's Note : Please note that this is a precautionary measure. Meaning Honda Malaysia just wants to be safe rather than sorry. This does not mean your Honda is unsafe, even if it is listed below. However, our advice is for you to still go and do the update as soon as you can. If you have not received any notice, you should still call Honda at their hotline to check.

* - All current selling models are not affected
Petaling Jaya, 10 July 2015 – Honda Malaysia today announced a precautionary update for another 143,970 units of Honda vehicles. The affected models involved in this update are City (2006-2012 YM), Civic (2006-2011 YM), Civic Hybrid (2007-2011 YM) CR-V (2007-2011 YM), Insight (2011-2012 YM), Jazz (2009-2012 YM) and Stream (2007-2012 YM). 

Honda Malaysia is taking this proactive measure to ensure customer safety and deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to all customers. This precautionary effort is to enable the replacement of the driver front airbag inflator with newly produced inflators.

Honda Malaysia would like to assure its customers that all current selling models are not affected.
Honda Malaysia will be informing all affected customers via notification letters, which will include details of the product update. Customers who receive these letters are advised to send their vehicles to the nearest authorised Honda dealer for inspection. The replacement works will be carried out once the parts are ready, and all costs of parts and labour will be borne by Honda Malaysia.
Honda owners can also check their vehicle’s product update status by calling Honda’s Toll Free number 1-800-88-2020 or log on to, or visit any authorized Honda dealer.


CR-V9 said...

28:10 At Monaco GP. They finally got points (8th).
Arai, "Of course, we're glad but it was just a moment of joy because there're still 7 more cars in front of us. We still have to get up and over take these 7 cars before we can stand on the podium. There's no time to be happy, no time to waste."
Meanwhile his young staffs were happy. "I dreamed once Alonso's struggling doing his best. I felt I must do my best too when I woke up. I can't even tell if it's a dream or the reality anymore.", "Speed is unbelievably fast. Thought it's ok today and then it breaks next day.", "That happens as fast as, too"

29:30 At Montreal GP. The mission room. Monitoring 160's sensors/car in real time. ... "#5 cylinder is dead ... It's the valves"

36:30 F1 driver, Nakajima. "The first thing Mr.Honda asked everytime we met was 'how was the engine?'", "You can't say it's good enough. 2nd place is good enough is not good enough. You can't satisfy with nothing but the first place."

38:25 Mr. Kawamura, Hybrid system. This is the motor, 120kw, 50,000rpm. It's about 160hp, a 2.0l engine.
They have improved the seal around the shaft of the motor. They've also improved the pipe that supplies the coolant to it. They shorten the rubber hose part and extended chitin made part as long as possible because chitin is lighter than a rubber hose.

41:00 McLaren is complaining. They want to hire more personels and more experienced engineers.
Of course, Mr. Irai rejects the idea. It is always the same story. One of Honda's objectives or reasons to participate in F1 is always to train and have their engineers to go through these experiences on their own. Irai also said that their technology is not that simple or unsophisticated that someone just came and be able to improve upon it.

At Australian GP, they were able to steady increase air flow through the valves. So even though Alonso came in 10th, he finished the race and the temp was not that bad. That's why they're smiling.
They're glad that Alonso got a point but there're some problems appeared to be creeping up, too. So they're not satisfied yet.
Shigeta who said he wanted show what he's done in F1 to his kids said he felt the rain saved them somehow but they will keep up their best and keep going.

That's it. I was running out of gas.

CR-V9 said...

Something happened to the first part.. I thought it went through. I saw it said 'it has published'. I didn't save it. sorry I'm out of gas.

Anonymous said...

Part two.

24:28 - - - Yasuhisa Arai, PLP Team leader.
He can hear Soichiro's voice, scolding him / them ... 'What are'y doing? Know what's (wrong) going on?' .. of course, we're aware.

25:50 - - - Honda Soichiro's voice of wisdom.
Do what other people don't do is to invent, to innovate. So I believe.
There can be any(innovations) in the path other people have already walked on, or in what you are taught by someone else. To imagine what weren't thought before is to innovate. Thus, you can't learn from anybody else because there's nobody to teach you. There shall be many difficult problems. There'll be the problems you shall also fail, because we fail we try and try again. And overcoming these and finally to be able to achieve innovate. What I'm saying is there is nothing good left in the path other people had walked on before..

Soichiro had been always purposely threw his young engineers on the ground of the racings, in these racing against the world experiencing through the failures, so he had trained them to grow better.

CR-V9 said...

Part one don't want to go in. This is Part 1.9. Guess what Honda F1 video I'm talking about.

11:20 - - - the Hybrid engine test room. The engine produces hundreds of voltage of electrocity so safety is the #1 priority. There're the insulating gloves, the big elongated "S" shaped bar that be used to pull a man out of danger in case of emergency (electrocuted).

11:45 - - - the engineering(design) room. There're no dividing walls. It's according to the Honda tradition that anybody can talk to and/or discuss with anybody at anytime freely.
Most of the engineers are from the commercial vehicle departments and in their 30's.

13:25 - - - Kazuma Ito (34), engine parts.
He liked F1 since he was in school. He used to go to the Suzuka to see F1 every year. They/he have to make everything the best in the world so it's been tough under a lot of pressure since the beginning.
Yuoki(you-ki) Shigeta (30), hybrid/motor.
His dream was also to become a F1 engineer. He saw F1 when he was the first-grader the first time. They were the legendary red & white McLaren Hondas. He always wanted to work on F1 and now likes to share the feelings he felt when he saw F1 back then, wants to show today's kids that magnificence, show to my own kids.

15:15 - - - At the initial testing they've found their main problem was the motor/generator, MGU-K was overheating.
Yasuhiro Kawamura. hybrid system design.
The effects of (from) heat were beyond what they had anticipated. The engine could produce the heat equivalent to 4-5 electric stoves (heaters?). They need to move that much heat away, otherwise things start to break down because of the heat.

17:15 - - - Why Honda has this problem with heat compared to other teams?
Comparing their MP4-30 to other cars (Ferrari?), in order to reduce aero drags their body shape is drastically slimmed down at the end where the motor is located (see the comparison). (however) McLaren & Honda did agree on the design.

Tetsuo Tsugawa, F1 journalist/former F1 engineer.
MGU-K is located by the exhaust pipe. And this motor & turbo system is neatly embedded within the engine, whereas in the other systems they're partially off of the engine as you can see here. (I think the motor & turbo parts) Honda engine is the smallest engine in the world (F1) but that is the problem, too.

21:30 - - - The issue was where the exhaust pipe and the motor were placed too closed to each other. They could move them apart further but that would interfere with the body shape of the car and that'd be against the regulations.

CR-V9 said...

I've picked this one up from TOV. I watched it and like it very much so I thought I'll translate it somehow (it's a video by NHK). It's under the "Professional motorsports" - 'F1 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix' thread, The video was posted by rvvin.

Unknown said...

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