Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Honda Malaysia PRODUCT UPDATE for 4G City and 3G Jazz

Honda Malaysia today announced a product update for its 4th Generation City (2014 YM) and 3rd Generation Jazz (2015 YM). This product update will involve a total of 12,232 units of the City and 97 units of the Jazz due to improper hydraulic pressure control software involving the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). 

This campaign is necessary to rectify the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) through a CVT software update that contains a stress reduction software.
Honda Malaysia explained that due to the quick stepping in and releasing of the accelerator pedal at high speed, high hydraulic pressure will cause high stress to be generated to the drive pulley shaft and may cause the shaft to be broken and the vehicle may experience a loss of power during driving.

As of today, there were no crashes or injuries related to this issue reported in Malaysia. Honda Malaysia is taking this preemptive measure to ensure customer safety and regrets the inconvenience caused to all affected customers.

All other 4th Generation City and 3rd Generation Jazz and all current selling models are not affected by this product update.

Honda Malaysia would like to assure all their customers that the company is committed in its mission to sustain the best product performance; hence the proactive measure is taken to avoid any possible damages or accidents.


CR-V9 said...

This is nothing to do with Honda.
There was a debate at TOV on 'Exxon's scientists admitted AGW in 70's', lol. Correction. It's not a debate because you'd be banned if you're ... Anyways I'm glad nobody got banned.
'scientists once believed the earth was flat', 'urban heat effect', 'no warming for last 16 years', 'one world order', ... 'empirical evidence', 'empirical evidence', 'empirical evidence', lol.
Seems a pseudoscience snake oil salesman who don't even understand high-school still alive and well at TOV
It is sad. They're bright and educated though.

CR-V9 said...

Holy crap. It looks like '6SPDTL' just got banned from TOV. I just said I was glad nobody got banned. Why did they create the 'political lounge' for? What's up with 'atomic'? I didn't think he's for banning anybody before.
What is wrong with them? They really don't like to hear Anthropogenic global warming is for real. Now it's beyond sad. It's pathetic.
The best quote of the day ...
[Oh not you too....Being a Honda site I hoped they weren't all stupid.
Malcom like all lies repeating them consistent doesnt make them true. In previous conversation I directed you to the data from NOAA, NASA and the ICC but as the idiot you are you simply ignored it. As all conspiracy theorists you are delusional and not worthy of conversation. What people like you need]

CR-V9 said...

• the atmosphere is cooler than the surface and therefore cannot warm the surface;
• the IR radiation warms the CO2 and is re-radiated by the CO2 instantly;
• CO2 cools the earth's surface through conduction and convection. An object that cools another object cannot warm the same object that it cools.
Last time I looked, the open atmosphere is not the same as a sealed glass laboratory jar. The effect of CO2 in the open atmosphere is as a coolant.

lol, last time I looked ... hahahahahaha. at least he looked, hahahaha.
Snake-oil salesman's pseudoscience sales pitches still work, huh?
Energy imbalance. Energy comes in different forms. If ice in the bag in your cooler are melting although temp inside is still the same it is warming.

CR-V9 said...

As I'm sure you know it's used in champagne and beers and in sodas (soft drinks) that westerners give our kids.

- - - - - - - - - -
Ha ha ha ha ha, as you know, .. he knows, ha ha ha ha

It's used as dry ice as a coolant but that's because dry ice is colder than ice and leaves no messy liquid after it 'melts'. All the pure CO2 simply goes into the atmosphere where it cannot affect the global level of CO2 in the air anyway.
Not aware of its use as a refrigerant. Google would likely advise.

My use of the label 'coolant' was not as a refrigerant, Nick, it was the fact that it cools earth's surface and therefore it's a coolant.

- - - - - - - - - -
ha ha ha ha ha. And Nick agrees in silence?

American submariners have the ability to push the trigger on nuclear warheads and have the responsibility for storing weapons and managing mobile nuclear reactors, the level of CO2 can be up to 20 times the level of CO2 in air. So the American government officially does not see CO2 as threatening or detrimental to human function even at those extreme levels.

The list goes on.

- - - - - - - - - -
The list goes on. there're a lot more where it comes from.
ha ha ha ha ha stop ha ha stop ha ha ha ha stop! I can't breathe laughing so hard please stop
my stomach hurts.
- - - - - - - - - -

I've always been tolerant of stupid people. I'm yet to learn tolerance though for people wilfully stupid and refusing to look. Be patient, I'm working on it. I'm starting to realise that many of them have no choice - it was entrenched as a behavioural pattern in childhood.

I think I need a good coolant. Knock the top off a coldie and release some CO2. ��

Cheers mate.

----- I wonder why he's tolerant of stupid people. of course, easy to fool with a lots of words. and surprisingly there're so many at TOV it's sad.

CR-V9 said...

Damn. I was ready to laugh out loud again this weekend but I Guess the comedy hour is over.
Too sad to think they ousted another regular for this.

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