Friday, March 11, 2016

Highlights of 2015 for Honda Malaysia from the media gathering event

2015 was a record year for Honda in Malaysia when Honda Malaysia achieved a total sales volume of 94,902 cars sold, way above the 85,000 target they set at the beginning of last year. This figure represents a 14.2% of the market share (based on a total number of 666,674 cars sold in 2015). It was an amazing 22% growth based on year on year achievement. 

This spectacular achievement was additionally capped by Honda Malaysia achieving the status of being the best selling non-national model in the Malaysian market (non-national means excluding Proton and Perodua). The month of December 2015 was also another record for Honda Malaysia where total sales exceeded 10,000 units for the first time, hitting 10,741 cars sold. 

Honda Malaysia credits the success to four models : CR-V, HR-V, City and Jazz. The City and Jazz together contributed 58% of the total sales, both being market leaders in their segments (B-segment sedan and hatchback). No doubt the HR-V would have contributed more had it been launched earlier in the year.

Honda Malaysia also expanded their East Malaysia presence significantly in 2015, which saw sales grew 36% from the previous year.

For 2016, it is estimated that the total market size will shrink due to the adverse economic situation in the country with a market size estimated to drop by 4 to 5% down to 630k to 640k units. However, Honda Malaysia still set themselves an ambitious target to continue to grow their sales, setting the 2016 target at 90,000 units. 

For 2016, Honda Malaysia plans two new CKD (locally assembled) models, one an FMC and the other an MMC. The FMC is widely known to be the new 10G Civic which has just been launched in Thailand and will be making its way around ASEAN thereon. The MMC is widely expected to be for the Accord. 

Part of the strategy for achieving the ambitious 90,000 sales target will be Honda Malaysia's continued expansion plans for the East Malaysian market, in addition to the opening of more dealership, service centers, and body & paint shops.


Anonymous said...

Do you have data on how many HRV delivered in Malaysia for year 2015?

TOVA said...

I am not sure if HMSB gave a breakdown by model. I will check the press releases later to find out. Check back Monday as I won't have access to my computer tomorrow.

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