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Starting from October 27th (2016), malaysians will now have the never-before opportunity to ride on Honda’s personal mobility device, UNI-CUB β, at ISETAN The Japan Store in Lot 10 Shopping Centre for a limited time.

The UNI-CUB β is making its debut in Malaysia in a collaboration between Honda Malaysia and ISETAN The Japan Store. The public can have a first-hand experience of this Honda advanced technology through a ten-minute ride on the UNI-CUB β. The demonstration and ride-on sessions start from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm from 27 October to 24 November 2016 at the Technology & Promotion section of ISETAN The Japan Store located at Ground Floor in Lot 10 Shopping

The name UNI-CUB is derived from the "UNI" in "unique," "universal" and "unicycle" while the "CUB" comes from Honda's well-known Cub series of motorcycles, signifying that UNI-CUB is a convenient device that anyone can use.

A personal mobility device designed for harmony with people featuring the World’s First Omni-Directional Driving Wheel System (Honda Omni Traction Drive System), the UNI-CUB β provides freedom of movement going forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally by shifting body weight. The combination of this unique wheel system with a compact size, comfortable saddle and Honda's proprietary balance control technology gives the rider the same freedom of movement that people enjoy when walking. The balance control technology of UNI-CUB β is part of the Honda Robotics family of technologies, which originates from Honda's research into humanoid robots, including ASIMO.

One of the advanced technologies from Japan, the UNI-CUB evolved from the U3-X which was demonstrated in Honda’s showcase during Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) in 2010. Introduced in May 2012, the UNI-CUB aimed to offer ease of control and a high degree of mobility to riders in barrier-free indoor environments such as offices, shopping mall, airport, museum and library.

In 2013, Honda announced the enhanced version, the UNI-CUB β, designed to be even more user-friendly for a wider range of people. The UNI-CUB β is smaller and lighter than its previous version. A new design and materials were adopted to enhance the senses of unity of the user with the UNI-CUB β. In order to enhance usability, the ease of getting on and off the device was improved through the addition of a stand function. In April 2014, Honda began the UNI-CUB β rental service for business customers in Japan.

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CRV9 said...

News flash!!! (especially to TOVers)

TOKYO -- Honda sells hardly any hybrid vehicles in the U.S. today, but CEO Takahiro Hachigo says get ready for an explosive ramp-up. By 2030, he wants more than two-thirds of U.S. Honda and Acura volume to come from green cars such as traditional hybrids, plug-ins, fuel cell vehicles and EVs.
-from the Automotive News, Oct. 24th, 2016.

They'd just thought they finally got rid of Ito and now gotten their savior Hachigo.
Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... oh stop, my tummy hurts.

crv9 said...

I just like to apologise for my last comment. It sounded a little insensitive, especially to the people who are in the tuner industry. I didn't meant to laugh like that.
A couple of years ago I bought a short cold air intake for my CRV because it's easy enough for me to do and the car was old enough to mess up by me :-/. So I tried to look up all these Honda tuner companies but they are all gone. Times are changing. I felt and still feel sad but still whether we like it or not times are changing. Of course, it's easier for me to say that because I'm not making a living in the industry. But those who are in the industry must feel the walls are closing in on them. I know. The industry I was in before as a skilled worker was changing too. It was changing not only it's been computerised but the money was draining out of the market too. I hadn't had raises for the more than 15 years straight and we had lay-off's every year during those time, and the new hires get much lower wages. We all knew it's closing in on us. Some learned new skills and jumped to different jobs. Some, like me wasn't smart enough to learn anything new. So I stayed as long as I could until I got laid off. It's easy to say get retrained or learn new skills but once you passed a certain age your brain is not flexible as used to. Try to learn new skills next to the younger ones who are quick to learn is not easy done than said.
The times they are a-changing but it's not Honda's fault. Times are changing and Honda has to change to survive. Just because I feel sorry and sad but I won't say the internal combustion engines will stay here as they have been before. I won't say global warming isn't for real. It is a new reality.

CRV9 said...

OK, my 3 c on the new NSX II. It's 3c because I feel my opinion is worth more than anybody, especially anybody of TOVers for sure.
First, the Oyagi wouldn't say anything bad about it. He drove so many different cars other than Hondas while he was the CEO but after he left he only used Honda cars because he said he didn't want to trouble Honda with the stupid public empty talks or implied impressions that he, the founder of Honda actually prefers cars other than Honda's. He also said many times publicly that he was nothing to do with Honda management's plans or decisions what so ever after he retired. He didn't believe there should be the two generals running war or a company. He also stated publicly he had never crossed the shikii (front doorsill) of the Honda main office. Of course, I wouldn't know, but he had spent first two years after his retirement from Honda to visit every Honda retail shop in Japan to thank them to have been selling his products, including bikes, power equipments, every and each one of them. He needed to spend almost every working day to do so. And after that he also visited the Honda dealer ships around the world. I don't think he is turning around in his grave over this new NSX.

One of Soichiro's corporate philosophy was there should be some philosophical ideas or purposes behind every product a company makes. So every time they come up with a new product or car they'd propose what it is behind that product they're producing for the public. His first product, the Super Cub was designed for a soba delivery man who has to carry a box of many sobas in his one hand and would have to ride and drive his Super Cub to deliver, or even a woman can ride easily and comfortably. And that tradition continues to day I suppose. (maybe not)

When Kawamoto visited the OLd Man (Oyagi) at the hospital to report (to cheer him up) the progresses of their F1 efforts. The Old Man told him that winning is good, but, winning is not everything. You have to know you're able to race because there're other people racing with you at the same time, too. You should know when to quit is important, too. (according to Kawamoto)
During the first NSX's inception, they wanted make the world-class sports car, worth equally to Ferrari, Porsche, and kinds. But they didn't want it to be the super, super car. In Uehara's words, the Old Man was a blacksmith but he wasn't a master (japanese) swordsmith, he was a village blacksmith who made the Super Cubs for everyday working men. So the NSX would be the super sportscar of the village blacksmith or the Super Cub of Super Sportscars. Of course, they couldn't carried away with themselves and made it all aluminum body, change its engine to VTEC. Meaning, my guess here, they want to make a super sportscar as good as others but not to over take or impinge on them either because they're supercar companies producing these to survive but Honda is not. Honda is a car company that produces cars for everyday folks that happens to showcase their technical prowess.

I wouldn't know if these thinkings were into their new NSX or not. Ito said though he wanted a car to showcase Honda's new future directions to come, didn't want to look back.
I wouldn't know if these thinking is viable in their business or I don't really care because I can't buy one anyway, new or even used. And I wouldn't know the hybrid is the way to go either but if not I'm sure Honda will adjust. They're already expanding Honda Clarity, too.
Finally on the new NSX. I think they just made it work. I think this sports hybrid or their hybrid in general is still a working progress. They're still shifting between their three types of hybrid. I'm pretty sure as battery get better and smaller, and the computer management control gets better too, after another a couple of hybrid upgrades we will see the true potentials of the new Hybrid NSX oneday.

CRV9 said...

http :// tovahondafan. blogspot. com/
Gan-san (aka Motoharu Kurosawa from Best MOTORing) test drives NSX 2.0 !

Someone has already translated the 1st I'll give you of the 2nd one.
But, first, the strange thing about the 1st was he only drove it in "Sports" and "Sports+". He said in the 2nd video that his test drive was restricted so he didn't do a full test drive. It sounded to me as if he wasn't allowed to drive in Track mode, probably for his own safety. He is a 76 year old man, if in case something should happen, rolledaNSXII, he would be hurt even he's restrained with the seatbelt.

In the 2nd video, he said that he wished the car hadn't been named "NSX", because NSX (1st gen) was with him in the last half of his (carrier) life. He wished it was named something else.
But he said the car has turned out to be a fine & fun (joy to drive) car, and better than he had anticipated. Since the top speed is limited to 180kmh, its carbon brakes should be just fine. The launch control is excellent. Put his foot on the brakes and step on the gas to WOT the rev only goes up to 2,200 rpm (by computer), they must have tried & tested so many times to perfection, he'd guess. How much is the hosepower? It's somewhere 570, isn't it? He didn't feel it it's that much, 570 something.
(the engine power output is a shy of 500hp and the battery is rather small, so I think the total hp of 570 is a little deceiving, which is only true only when the battery is fully charged and the cpu let it discharge fully.)
He told (asked, complained?) to Ted Klaus about the power output. The engine (only) feel was excellent though he wished the power output was a little bit more leaner.
He questioned the motor mounts or the whole powertrain mounts. It felt to him they flex when the power was applied or feedbacks from the road were effected, and made it disturb its stability of the car a bit at the corners. He asked if they could use an electric-controlled motor mounts to counter. Ted answered the car was designed for the public roads rather and it's not easy to balance between on tracks & the streets. He seemed understand that they'd have to consider noise, vibrations and such for the road drivings, too. It's a balancing act, but over all the car has turned out to be a good car. Keep up the good work.
(I think they're still working on the synergy between the engine, motors and driver's input. I'm sure they tried to make it organic to the driver as possible, too.)

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