Thursday, February 2, 2017


1 February 2017 – Honda Malaysia’s best-selling model, the City is once again set to capture the hearts of Malaysians with bookings for the New City now being accepted at all 88 Honda authorised dealers nationwide from 1 February onwards. The enhanced New City is based on the success of the 4th generation model, which has proven itself to be a B-segment leader with more than 100,000 units sold since its launch in March 2014.

With class leading features, outstanding comfort and spaciousness as well as fuel efficiency and modern design, it is little wonder that the City is a hot favourite with Malaysians. The New City will bolster these traits further with more value added features which will appeal to young singles and families.

Powered by Honda’s signature 1.5L i-VTEC engine mated with Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) for all variants, the New City provides the ideal balance of driving performance and fuel efficiency.

The New City comes with new dual tone alloy wheels, further elevating the City’s sleek and stylish design. The V variant includes LED Headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and Front LED Fog Lights to give the New City a fresh exterior appearance. At the rear, the V variant is equipped with a Duck Tail Spoiler integrated with LED Brake Light, LED Taillights and a Multi-Angle Reverse Camera that not only improves the looks but also further enhances the practicality of the New City.

Trunk space remains the biggest in its class at 536Litres, making the New City the perfect sedan that is extremely convenient for road trips for everyone with its ample room for suitcases, baby prams or even golf bags.

In addition, all variants of the New City will be equipped with the Push Start Button and Smart Entry to provide extra convenience to customers. The New City will continue to set the benchmark in the B-segment safety with features such as Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) systems, which come as standard in all variants. VSA stabilizes the New City by reducing under/over steering when driving in unexpected situations or during tight cornering, HSA helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards when the brakes are released on an incline, while ESS makes the rear brake lights and hazard lights flash automatically to warn nearby cars when the vehicle detects sudden braking. The premium V variant will also come with Six Airbags.

With its outstanding record and such value added features, the New City is positioning itself as a Trend Setter, being the sedan car that fulfills the needs of everyone - from design to performance and practicality.

Customers can be the first to own the New City when it is launched in the first quarter of this year by placing an advanced booking now at any authorised Honda dealers nationwide. For more information, please call Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to


CRV9 said...

They did it again. They've been penalising him for every questionable infraction for a drive-through penalty ever since he almost won the Indy 500. Scott Goodyear does his best to try to point that out on the air though. Good man. Even with an excellent team like the Andretti Autosport they'll never let him win.

CRV9 said...

This issue may become real this year. With Andretti Autosport, he may do well this year, better than before with A. J. Foyt. It could become obvious every race. How many times can they foo? It all depends on Michael Andretti. If he can do what A. J. couldn't do or just stay quiet. Taku is just there as Honda's token driver who they wouldn't let him win races no matter what.

CRV9 said...

To Sato Takuma (if you're reading this)

I expect you to do your best at every race as usual. And expect you will probably be penalised everytime you're doing well, and take it as it is. I want you to be a quiet winner. Everybody will notice eventualy. I want you to stay focused and just be yourself with your honor intact. Easier said than done, so I just wish you well. (not luck because you don't need it)

CRV9 said...

Interesting video on Youtube about Honda's LPL, Mr. Fujimoto who is part of Honda's efforts to electrify their future. Luckily you can activate CC in english. Go to "CC" & turn it on (in japanese) and go to setting to "auto translate". Interesting because as LPL it's limited how much he can directly do with the actual work. especially this is the cutting edge of technology that nobody else in the company really knows or has any experience with . He only could inspire, support, encourage his men to do their best, yet he is ultimately responsible for the project.

youtube 9EpIW48UyFQ
プロフェッショナル 仕事の流儀 燃料電池車開発 藤本幸人さん (in case that didn't work)

CRV9 said...

Taku did good as expected. I'm not going to jinx it. I'm hoping. He's got a great team. I'm hopeful.

JohnRMay said...

With its outstanding record and such value added features, Honda City is definitely worth a try

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