Thursday, September 29, 2011

Full Technical Review of the Honda Brio

Well no, not done by me but this is an official Honda article where the designers of the Honda Brio talks about the design objectives and salient points for the interior and exterior of the Honda Brio. The article can be read at At the bottom of the page is the link to the page on interior design.


FiSH said...

The real problem with the Brio design (to me) is that it looks like Honda could've done better but probably was compromised by cost of development, or due to functionality (access to engine?). One of the pics on the site shows a concept drawing that looks something like a Fit - if they could bring the windshield slightly more forward and a nicer less rounded headlight design something like all Hondas are using nowadays it could've looked much better to be hoenst.

But I realize this is a budget so something had to give I guess..

Btw, over at PaulTan there's some info on the facelifted City..

WongKN said...

You can't really have the same frontal profile with the Brio as with the Fit because being a mini K-car, it is very short and I don't think Honda really wanted to do another one of those 'SMART' cars.

FiSH said...

Yea, I get it, it's the functionality to the design - still, I think the design style of it could be improved a lot if they made the headlights a bit more squarish like the other Hondas (Euro Accord, City, Insight) and a bit of a more Fit-like stance. As in this pic (upper right):

I liked how it looks like the 3rd gen Civic hatch from the back, which was weird they didn't emulated that look from the front (liek what I wrote above). The interior seats look nice too,very thin for space and very racing-seat like.

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