Monday, October 3, 2011

New 1.5l Insight variant for Japan

In their domestic website at, Honda has announced a new variant for the Honda Insight for Japan. This new 'exclusive' or 'premium' variant will be carrying the larger 1.5l i-VTEC IMA engine. There are no official details yet so it is not clear whether the engine will be the one from the Honda Civic Hybrid or the Honda CR-Z. On the relevant page, there is a photo of the tachometer showing a redline at almost 6,000rpm which suggests the former as more likely, though it is not confirmed if the photo is for the new 1.5l variant. There are no indications if the battery will remain the NiMH type or the new LiOn type. Note that the new 9Gen Civic has not been launched in Japan and currently there is no Civic in its line-up. So the HCH and its detail is from the U.S./Canada version.

The url for the announcement of this new variant is :

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