Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Office NSX Concept Video from Honda

Honda has released an official video of the new NSX Concept supercar. This is the same video as that we initially featured in our main site at but I thought I should also offer for viewing here for those who might have missed it then. This video differs from the earlier Sony one in that there is a short sequence featuring the original/outgoing 1Gen NSX. Also the concept car is now badged as a Honda instead of Acura. This video is also done by Sony as part of their Playstation sequence.


FiSh-chan said...

Wong, I know you might be busy and I might be asking too much, but I hope to read your write up on the just-launched CR-Z if possible.

TOVA said...

Hi Chan,
I must thank you for sticking around with me despite the on and off updates. Unfortunately it is tough times nowadays and bosses are pushing us, workers, harder. The good news is that I will be taking the CR-Z for review this weekend. I hope to get some extended testing done following my old style reviews and I will be publishing a series of articles on it both on the TOVA main site and this site as well. So I will have to ask that you just keep an eye out for those articles. Of course, your continued support simply gives me more motivation to get the articles out faster. :)

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