Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome new NSX video by Sony

TOV member TSX69 found this video on youtube and posted the link on our forums. Done by Sony, this is an awesome video of the new NSX concept. Watching it brings me goosebumps all over and if you are as fanatical a Honda fan as I, you will probably feel the same too.

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FiSh-chan said...

I think this concept is a perfect design! I think most of us fans have at one point take just ONE look at the original NSX and everything else just vanished from our want list, THAT is our dream car. Believe it or not the first time I saw the original NSX is on the box of a Tamiya model kit back in 1994. At that time I only knew Honda made Accords and Civics and CRXs. Needless to say I bought that model kit and it's still around today.

This is the same feeling, there are no awkward angles in the design, the car is PERFECT. The 'hybrid' system is interesting as well and in keeping up with the times and is definitely quite next generation-ish (but not quite, I think truly next gen should be hydrogen). I'm kinda glad that Honda didn't really proceed with the HSV instead because that wouldn't really stand out (like the LFA).

Like you probably, I watch this video every once in a while.

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