Sunday, April 8, 2012

Artist Impression of 3G Fit/Jazz

Autointrends, an automobile website from Europe has put up a scan of the japanese car-scoop magazine 'Mag-X' artist rendering of the next, 3rd generation Honda Fit/Jazz. They also claims that this next gen Fit/Jazz will debut in Japan on June of next year (2013). The picture above was taken from the website.

Bearing in mind that the picture above was taken from the Mag-X magazine, what I can say is that based on personal experience, Mag-X's rendering of new models have been the closest and most accurate of all scoop magazines. By personal experience, I am referring to my oft mentioned experience with the previous generation Honda City, where the Mag-X's drawing ended up an almost perfect rendition of the actual car when it was launched. So I would say that this rendering above might well be very close to the actual car.

As for the launch date, bear in mind that the Fit/Jazz has a much longer life-cycle than the normal models. The normal models have already had their life-span stretched from the previous 4 years to 5 years and the Fit/Jazz life-cycle is actually 6 years. So work backwards to when the current 2G Fit/Jazz was launched, add 6 years and that would be a close estimate. 

Interestingly, in a previous article, autointrends also quoted Mag-X as claiming that the next Fit/Jazz will finally get a DOHC variant of the 1.5l engine.

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Anonymous said...

If the Earth Dreams engine specs are unchanged since the last preview then it would probably be DOHC.

I wonder if these 1.5 DOHC heads will fit on the previous 1.5 SOHC blocks...

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