Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Honda Corporate TV Advertisement

Honda has released a new TV advertisement with what seems to be a corporate message. The advert features many vehicles (cars, bikes, even a lorry/truck) which seems to be selected on the basis that they represent the product with which Honda ventured to a new area. The advertisement is also narrated with a japanese poem. TOV regulars DanielGr, CR-V9 and Chocs did a translation of that poem and DanielGR has recreated the advert with subtitles/captions and put it into youtube. This video has been released in TOV for a few days and now I am featuring it on 'Honda Fan' so that more Honda fans are able to enjoy the video and able to understand its message. For discussions on this video, visit both our TOV forum thread and TOV news article.

To view the video/advert with our TOV subtitles/captions, click on 'CC' at the right hand bottom of the screen.

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