Saturday, July 7, 2012

Honda City MMC coverage article

Just a quick update that my coverage of the Honda City MMC is now up at TOVA ( .)


FiSH-Chan said...

I was able to take a look at one in the showroom. Although it is a City S, I like the darker dashboard silver accents, and perhaps the rear bumper. Otherwise, fortunately, I could live without all the other changes.

I was expecting maybe a GPS unit / camera and a CVT version at least (to counter the 6 speed Kias) but guess not..

Can't tell how different the fabric is for the E, but hopefully that will address the the issue that is much prone to faster wear & tear than normal fabric. Although to be fair mine shows sign of early wear, but it stopped right there not deteriorated any more than it is now.

TOVA said...

Thanks for your continued support Fish-Chan. I very much appreciate readers and supporters like you. Personally your comment/feedback is what I would expect from pre-MMC City owners. I.e. the MMC updates are not going to make pre-MMC owners upset but still just enough to keep the City interesting and on-pace with what the competition is offering. It is significant to note that Toyota has also launched its MMC to the Vios and they have pretty much managed to beautify the rather ugly 'dugong' look of this generation Vios when it was first launched. So the City needed this MMC very much to keep it fresh looking.

Fish-chan said...

I've been meaning to ask that if the suspension arms for the insight MMC are made of aluminium now instead of steel in the pre-MMC. I read that somewhere. If true, do they fit on the city. Also does this City MMC also use those aluminium arms, maybe that is why they list on the web site that the suspension is 'improved'.. Otherwise possibly maybe a lighter set of rims (i prefer the old design) I don't see any improvements with that area at all!

As for dugong... Well I've seen the new ones that's like improvements like makeup on a dog

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