Friday, July 13, 2012

Interior quality of the 9G Civic

There seems to be some disagreement amongst TOV/TOVA'ers about the interior quality of the 9Gen Civic, between the ASEAN and USDM versions, and even between the previous 8Gen and the new 9Gen units. While it is never possible to judge correctly, nevertheless I was very concious of this issue and I -did- take close up photos of the material of the cabin. 

In this first supplementary post, I have put up three photos of the inside of the 1.8l Civic below for readers who might want to, or are able to make more informed judgements. The first photo on the top is the driver's seat, the one in the middle, the driver's door and the third the top of the dashboard on the front passenger's side where the front airbag cover is. 

I am sure any and all comments here will be of great interest to others.


FiSH-Chan said...

which model is this from or are they each picture different models.

Interesting texture on the dark part of the door panel there..

TOVA said...

All from the 1.8l Civic. I have similar for the 2.0 Civic and will put them up on the coverage article proper in TOVA. But this one is to facilitate comparison.

Anonymous said...

This is identical to the USDM Civic interior. Honda did not change a thing for the Asian market. Same exact seat cloth pattern and material. Trust me, I know...I own and drive a 2012 USDM Civic EX sedan everyday. You guys got exactly what we got. The Honda Malaysia launch LPL who said the Asian and USDM Civic's are different is either a complete idiot or is trying to hide something or is simply unaware of the USDM Civic. Either way he is very wrong in saying they are different because they are not.

TOVA said...

If this is so, then I think the only real difference between the two interiors would be the seat padding material which in the ASEAN version are, from what I remember hearing, supposed to be thicker. Unfortunately this may be something we cannot confirm.

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