Sunday, August 19, 2012

And what about the CR-V ?

As Honda fans will know by now, the U.S. has already gotten the new 4G CR-V for some months now. The CR-V has just set sales records for seven consecutive months in the U.S. This 4G CR-V has also been launched in the JDM and in fact recently there is even news about a JDM variant with the CVT/MMT transmission. So then, what about for the rest of Asia/ASEAN ?

Once again, this is my personal opinion but I have good reasons to believe that the 4G CR-V will only be launched in ASEAN towards the end of this year or early next year. The delay has been due in part to the nasty flooding in Thailand last year, where the HRT facility in Thailand where the Asia/ASEAN models are developed, have been quite badly affected. So if you are looking to get a CR-V, either you have to settle for the current model, or have to wait another half a year or more for the new one. 

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