Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Accord

We (TOV) have just published official PR photos of the new USDM Accord, known as '2013 Accord' in the U.S. For asian Honda fans, do pay close attention as this version will be roughly what we ourselves will be getting when it comes time for us to get the new Accord. Do not expect this until earliest possible end of next year (2013) though, perhaps possibly even as far away as 2014. 

For the U.S., AHM has already more or less committed that the new Accord will debut Honda's new generation of engine line-up which they calls the 'Earth Dream' engines. This is a line-up of engines that have been specifically developed to offer new advances in emissions control and in fuel economy. Honda's IMA hybrid set is also set to feature prominently in this line-up. Also included in the line-up will be a new generation CVT gearbox which, from what I have heard from some Honda engineers, will offer significantly better efficiency that any automatic gearboxes Honda currently offers, with drive-train losses well below 20%. 

For the official AHM press release, click on the link below. However, do keep in mind that this is the USDM version but also that our asian version will be heavily based on it. 

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