Friday, December 7, 2012

HMRT Jazz for the Sepang 1000km endurance

Honda Malaysia Racing Team, lead by Honda Malaysia's CEO Ueno-san and team director Akkbar will be racing their newly prepared Honda Jazz in the annual Sepang 1000km endurance race at the Sepang circuit tomorrow. The team has prepared a video and uploaded it into youtube which is embedded above. This is the car that I featured some 'scoop' info on in my TOVA facebook ( - please do visit us and 'like' us). 

HMRT prepared two cars though it looks as if only one will be raced tomorrow. One Jazz, probably the one to be raced tomorrow will be powered by a Mugen special, up-sized to 1.6l to meet the regulations and featuring custom Mugen tuning for the Sepang 1000km challenge.


FiSHChan said...

If I'm looking at the correct results, almost 4 seconds a lap behind the Satria Neos, and coming in behind the Preeve, Swift, & Altis, that is sorely disappointing. The other Jazz looks to have a really quick lap time but why is it all the way down.

Even though I drive basically the same engine and chassis, it is good for everyday use but no doubt the torsion beam and the engine is the weak point in this case, or am I wrong and was affected by something else. (I didn't watch follow the race in detail).

FiSHChan said...

Well ok I take it back it is not "sorely" disappointing but disappointing anyhow.

Unknown said...

Guys...Honda JDM Motors always win the race !!!

Unknown said...

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