Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photos of US early-MMC Civic INTERIOR

In the U.S., the 9Gen Civic had a stormy introduction. While it managed to achieve best seller in its class, its interior, especially in the base models, had been criticized by many quarters, with the enthusiasts and Honda fans/owners being some of the loudest. While some have tried to defend the Civic, often by using the fact that it is a best-seller, the fact that AHM will launch an MMC for the 9Gen Civic this month proves that even Honda feels that some of the criticisms are at the very least, warranted. 

In our TOV forums yesterday, member 'Farage1' posted two high-resolution photos of what looks to be the dashboard of the MMC Civic (the photos are at the bottom of this article). While not conclusive, another forumer listed down a list of differences he observed, which should provide a useful starting point for anyone looking for the changes to the dashboard. The observations below are from TOV forumer 'atomiclightbulb'.

(1) Center stack: In the '12 model, Audio/Nav and HVAC are placed on different tiers. HVAC in the '12 is recessed slightly. In the '13 model, Audio/Nav and HVAC are part of one continuous surface, separated by a chrome strip right below the hazard/emergency lights button. This new design is akin to the 8G Civic.

(2) The black plastic bezel that surrounds HVAC/Audio controls continues on the left side of the steering column, making the driver area of the dash appear continuous.

(3) HVAC controls are revised. Button placement is slightly different and fan knob is bigger now.

(4) Dash panel geometry repaired. Starting from the top, the dash piece that goes over the digital speedometer appears to be a continuous piece that stretches all the way to the end of the passenger side part of the dash. In the '12 model, there is a cut line that seems a bit odd between the digital speedometer panel and the passenger side airbag panel. In the '12 model, the dash piece that extends from the top of the tachometer cluster and into the passenger side of the car is changed. The tach cluster plastic now ends where the center stack plastic ends. The passenger gets a soft touch panel on their side.

(5) Chrome trim around vents.

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