Saturday, February 9, 2013

'New' CR-Z coming to Malaysia this month

For Malaysian enthusiasts who might have been waiting eagerly, the 'new' (i.e. MMC) CR-Z will be launched here in Malaysia this month itself, the 21st, in fact right after the 'Chinese New Year' week (i.e. next week), less than 2 weeks away. 

My understanding is we will be getting the JDM-spec version, with the 'new' 136ps engine and not the lame one used in the 'new' USDM CR-Z. Following this, the rest of ASEAN will of course be getting this car as well. In the media gathering, I overheard that there will be a private Q&A session with the CR-Z LPL the day before the launch but reserved for selected people only so expect news of the 'new' CRZ to start coming out on the 20th. We will be asking our questions during the press conference in the launch day itself.


SUMAZLA/சுமஜ்லா said...

Seems it is planning to beat all its competitors. It is interesting to read the public thoughts on Honda Honda

TOVA said...

The CR-Z MMC was launched yesterday morning and I was there to cover it. Pricing for Malaysia was fantastic, with Honda keeping the increase in price to a bare minimum. Also a cause for celebration is the fact that we are getting the JDM version here with minor specification changes. I am preparing some interesting coverage for this which should come out very soon so do stay posted via here and our TOVA main site.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see the coverage on particularly the question of a performance version. No firm plans, but there was talk of turbos being a good fit in a hybrid. Did you hear anything like that ?

TOVA said...

In the main launch event press conference, I was the person who asked for clarification on all the rumours and talks about a 'hot' version. Some interim matters have delayed my publishing the Honda response to this question but it should be up tomorrow and you can hear the answer for yourself (don't get too excited yet though)

Michal said...

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