Friday, February 8, 2013

Honda Malaysia CEO's official answer to the Honda Proton collaboration

The by now infamous announcement about the Honda-Proton collaboration continues to be of interest to many Honda fans with many questions still unanswered. To date, other than the original press release, neither party has made any further clarifications. As Proton is a Malaysian car manufacturer, naturally we are expected to be in a position to find out most about the details of this collaboration.

A few months ago, I managed to get an unofficial comment from a Honda Malaysia person whom told me that the agreement was only for a feasibility study and nothing more. In yesterday's Honda Malaysia event for the media, the same question was asked to the panel of senior Honda Malaysia managers during the press conference. This time however, clearly the answer has to be an official version.

The video in this post is of the Honda Malaysia CEO Yoichiro Ueno-san's official response to this question. I am posting the video so that readers will be able to hear the whole answer themselves instead of reading my interpretation of it. 

The video is captured on my Panasonic digital camera using the video mode and is in 1080p AC3 (2 channels). Unfortunately the PA system is very echo-y and this is captured by the camera. The echos makes the answer difficult to hear at times but I had the same problem during the actual press conference itself.

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