Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New 4G CR-V First Drive Impressions

Our new 4G CR-V 'First Drive' impressions article from the Honda Malaysia media drive event is now up in TOVA. Please go to to read the article. Feel free to give us your feedback and thoughts here.


FiSHChan said...

Found it surprising on why the AT is so slow and lethargic to react, as you describe when you brake and want to reaccelerate.. when the 5AT on my City downshifts immediately on braking and stays on that gear when I reaccelerate.. I don't even need the peddle shift to do that I think on mine it does a pretty good job of "automaticing" that function. But under normal driving does sometimes go into the highest gear or the torque converter lockup activate when warmed up, it is anoying sometimes.. But on braking downshifting, it happens 100% of the time and is a function I do like on mine.

Different tuning or the heavier weight of CRV causing it?

TOVA said...

Thanks Chan, can always count on you for good feedback. Personally I believe the 'lazy' gearbox is an intentional behaviour designed for fuel economy reasons. I.e. keep the gearbox at as high a gear as possible, thus keeping engine rpm as low as possible. This way, fuel consumption is reduced and thus fuel economy is improved. Otherwise, consider trying to move a heavy SUV around with only 2.0l. Fuel economy will really suffer. Rightfully perhaps, Honda don't really expects CR-V owners to drive it the way I did in the media drive.

FiSHChan said...

Thank you Wong for writing all the greatest and most informative Honda articles. I always enjoy reading them.

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