Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New JDM Honda Accord Hybrid rumours

Magazines in Japan are currently going a bit crazy with rumours and supposed 'scoop info' on new models to be launched in Japan in the near future, including new Honda models. One of the Honda models in focus is the new Accord, in the form of a 'proper' Accord Hybrid rather than the full electric plug in. TOV/TOVA contributor DanielGr put up a scan of japanese magazine Holiday Auto's article with some details on the new Accord Hybrid (image on the left).

DanielGr's summary of the pertinent info from this articles are :
- Same 2-motor setup as the Plug-In, 200PS combined (as the Camry).
- FE rated at 30 km/L (i.e. standard Prius level, considerably ahead of the Camry Hybrid, which in JC08 is rated at 23.4km/L)
- Battery size being 1.3 kWh, which is about 5 times smaller than the plug-in, considerably smaller also than the Camry/Prius (which is around 1.6 - 1.8kwh)
- Price also starting considerably higher than the Camry at JPY 3.6M (vs. 3.05M for the Camry, though the difference might be in the feature-contents). 

Also, the article makes a claim that this new Accord Hybrid will be able to run in EV (electric motor only) mode at speeds of up to 100kph. 

This new Accord Hybrid is expected to debut in Japan in the very near future, probably at the Tokyo Motor Show end of this year.

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CRV9 said...

You said at TOV, "New Fit Type-R to be hybrid turbo ? That's highly unlikely I would think, though would be very interesting indeed."
Well, the mag said a turbo is a certain thing (if a Fit Type R was probable). One thing is that there are new generations of engineers are in charge of the developings now. Would the top management let them do it? Civic TypeR is gonna be a (e)turbo, right? ? ? ?

Other thing is that Tesla Motor is planning 100 charge stations within this year. They plan to produce 30-40k cars within 3-4 years, too. Elon Musk owns the SpaceX, SolarCity so so may be if others jump on his charging stations to use. It is going to be interesting.

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