Sunday, June 30, 2013

Actual photos of new 3rd Gen Honda Fit/Jazz !

The India Auto Blog website once again scooped the rest of the world by putting up leaked photos of what is believed to be the upcoming new 3rd generation JDM Honda Fit (Jazz). The photos were clearly taken using a handphone off an internal Honda brochure or similar document as  watermarks with the statement  "prohibited to show outside the company" were printed over all the images. This lends credibility that it was an internal use only document probably a briefing document meant for Honda dealers.

Of interest is how these photos tallies well with the Best Car magazine's artist rendition. In their article, India Auto Blog also published some info on the new 3G Fit/Jazz, citing their opinion that some countries big with diesel will see a 1.6l i-DTEC Jazz while other countries will get a 1.2l and 1.4l version with India getting a 1.5l version. They also say that the 3G Fit/Jazz will be 60mm (slightly over 2inches) longer with a larger boot of 40l and that the magic seat will now help to offer 180 different seat configurations (!).

Due to the distortion of the original photos, several TOV/TOVA forumers have used photoshop to try to correct a couple of them to present what they believe to be more accurate versions. Those two photos are the ones put inline in this article here (as they belong to TOV/TOVA). The photos of the rear-end and the instrument cluster put below are the original leaked images however, which are copied from the India auto blog. The distortion of the photo of the rear-end can be clearly seen. There are more photos and more info in the India Auto Blog article and the original article can be reached at Inda Auto Blog 3G Jazz article.

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