Monday, August 12, 2013

Documentary on new 3G Honda Fit/Jazz Hybrid

With the launch of the new 3rd generation Fit/Jazz just around the corner, previews of the car from japanese media are already available. For fans of the car, below is a TV program feature a preview of the new 3G Honda Fit/Jazz Hybrid.

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CRV9 said...

I was right. I told you so. They did put an electric motor at the output shaft side of the trans from looking from the video.

Mr. Nonaka, a managing director of 4 wheel vehicles at Honda R&D, said that they did aim at the best mpg in the world in the class.
Mr. Konishi, a LPL of the Fit hybrid, is happy/proud/content and confident that they've achieved it.
They learned the lesson from the Insight where they aimed cheap & affordable hybrids but Toyota encountered with cheaper Prius. So it started with to beyond Prius and the best in the world, although they do realize that Toyota would not be standing still and working hard to better Honda's efforts now.

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