Friday, August 16, 2013

New 3G Fit/Jazz specifications

With the launch of the new 3rd generation Fit/Jazz in Japan just around the corner, now is a good time to consolidate what is known and what is expected of the all important specifications of the car, based on what has been leaked and also info feeding in from insiders.

For the 3rd generation, the Fit/Jazz continues to come with three main engines - 1.3l, 1.5l and a hybrid IMA engine which is now offered in 1.5l form only. Below is a leaked photo from a dealer's training manual that has been published on the internet. A TOVer posted it on our TOV forums but did not disclose the source.

According to another TOVer, when translated the following informations are pertinent:
- 1.3L DOHC, atkinson cycle but no DI (direct injection) mention
- 1.5L DOHC, Di but no atkinson mention
- 1.5L DOHC, atkinson cycle but no DI mention

Note that the information may not be complete and is contradicting to other sources, e.g. Best Car. For e.g. according to Best Car, the 1.3l is SOHC in format but the information above says it is DOHC VTEC with VTC (i.e. DOHC i-VTEC). However, the information above should be more accurate.

Also, the hybrid engine is 1.5l DOHC VTEC with VTC and according to past press releases, it is expected to operate using the Atkinson cycle for 'low-cams' and the normal Otto cycle for 'high-cams'.

As far as expected/leaked power info are concerned, the following is generally accepted:

1.3L : 98 ps, 88 lb-ft torque, 28 km/l fuel economy, i-DCD and 5MT
1.5L : 130 ps, 15.7kgm torque, 23 km/l fuel economy, i-DCD and 6MT 
1.5L IMA : 118 hp, 30ps from the IMA motor alone, 36 km/l fuel economy, most probably only i-DCD option only

Other details additional pages of the the leaked document provide additional details such as:
- Pre-safe tech (a new safety feature) would brake down to about 30kmph
- Orders for the JDM will be taken from 8/1. On sale date is 9/5
- LED headlights will be available in some trims
- 4WD models won't reach the dealers until December.
- A/C control through the touch-panel in some trims (like in the SUV concept)

On the new FIT SUV:
- On sale end of November
- Engine lineup same as Fit
- Both 2WD & 4WD available at launch, 4WD system similar to CR-V (i.e. RT-4WD)
- It says there will be a hybrid 4WD version, as well as 2WD.

TOV chief editor Jeff Palmer had a chance to drive the new generation IMA hybrid engines, in prototype form, late last year when he was part of the contingent to Japan courtesy of AHM and has this to say of his experence:
The one prototype I drove was pretty revvy - better than I thought. As mentioned, it leverages VTEC to operate in Atkinson mode on the low cam lobes, and at higher rpms it switches to a normal otto cycle, and it feels reasonably sporty. From a dead stop, the electric motor lurches you forward and you're halfway through first gear before the gasoline engine even gets the chance to fire up. In my notes I wrote that it felt like you finally got max power in 3rd gear. I also noted it got a little buzzy at high rpms (but not unreasonably so) but hell, even the new K24Ws are a little buzzy when wound all the way out (especially on the CVT), and this was still an engineering prototype (i.e. probably very little sound deadening). I also noted that the trans+motor assembly is really small and that the motor is considerably larger than the 7DCT.


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CRV9 said...

130ph from a regular Fit with an Otto & Atkinson combo. 118ph from an Atkinson 1.5l.

I was right , again. 118ph. Didn't I say 114 - 120phish?

(what d'you know, you don't what you don't know know something sometimes after all.)

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