Thursday, September 26, 2013

Coming Soon: New Honda Odyssey to be launched this fall

新型オデッセイ ホームページ

26 September 2013 - Honda Japan has published on the website of Honda the information on "Odyssey" that will be launched in the fall. It inherits the DNA of the preceding models which have created a new segment of multipurpose passenger car when it was first launched in 1995. The new Odyssey, in its fifth generation, aims to deliver a new era of "comfortable moving space". 

By using an ultra-low-floor platform, along with the exciting H design styling, it delivers spaciousness and comfortable space far beyond the traditional MPVs, not forgetting the high level of driving performance and exhilarating drive associated with every model. In addition, the adoption of new Earthdreams power train achieves a powerful and fuel-efficient drive.

The most significant change would be the new sliding doors, which hints that the new Odyssey is expected to fulfill the needs of buyers of both the Odyssey and Elysion. This means that the latter is likely to be discontinued in the near future. The engine specifications are yet to be released, and we expect more information soon. Family movers, stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

honda odyssey is very good and a nice vehicle,but i think they should add more facilities like lift gate, double exhaust, good audio kit (bose sound system) 20 inches rim to minimized or to win - mazda, toyota and nissan.

Unknown said...

honda odessey absolute 2014 in indonesia should be equiped with suitable facilities like lift gate, double exhaust, lane depature warning, 10 srs airbag system, 20 inches rim, eco, bose sound system,vac vacuum system and other important features to ride over nissan, mazda and toyota.

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