Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exhibition Overview for Round 15 Japan Grand Prix 2013 FIA F1 World Championship Series

From October 10 to 13, Round 15 Japan Grand Prix 2013 FIA F1 World Championship at Suzuka Circuit , Honda will exhibit the F1 cars of yesteryears at the Honda booth. To Honda, F1 has always represented a symbol of the spirit of challenge and passion for motor sports and this is in line with Honda rejoining F1 racing in 2015.
1965 Honda RA272
1965 RA272
1990 McLaren Honda MP4/5B
1990 MP 4/5B
2006 Honda RA106
2006 RA106

The race cars on display includes the "Honda RA272", the first F1 machine which mounted the first F1 challenge, the "McLaren Honda MP4/5B", from the second period which gave Honda the 69 victories and the "Honda RA106", which marked Honda's return to F1 with a race victory in 2006 after 8 years of absence. These three machines symbolized each period of Honda's participation in F1.

In addition, Honda also invited Mr. Satoru Nakajima and Aguri Suzuki for the "Honda F1 talk show". Catch the exhibits of these Honda racers at the Japanese GP if you are there!

■ Exhibition car (planned)

1965 Honda RA272

Richie Ginther won the Mexico GP, the final round of the F1 World Championship in 1965, and brought Honda its first F1 victory. He led the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix from start to finish, and made the RA272 the first Japanese car to win a Formula One Grand Prix.

1990 McLaren Honda MP4/5B

MP4 / 5 machine had a naturally aspirated V-10 cylinder engine following FIA regulation changes and Ayrton Senna won his second drivers 'championship along with Honda winning the Constructors' title for three consecutive years.

2006 Honda RA106

In 2006, Jenson Button won the Hungary GP with the RA106, a machine Honda produced as a works' team.


CRV9 said...


Interview with Mr. Mastumoto, LPL of Super GT, on the next Super GT NSX concept Hybrid car.
It was a brief interview and here are what interested me.

As everybody knows, from next year there will be the new regulation corroborating with DTM. There will be some shared common parts to reduce its cost. Among them they are the basic monocoque body / chassis and some suspension parts. The thing is that the monocoque chassis will be designed based on FR cars. So they have to work it out to put it into MR. They need to put some weight in the front.
This concept car was being put together since around last April when the new regulation had been slowly finalized and being consulted with other MR car groups on the regulation of MR cars. Shape of the body above the wheel line is (heavily) regulated but the below the wheel line (axles) is free to do with to maximize the aerodynamics. Also the commercial version of NSX wasn't finalized at the time yet so this is not obviously the final version.

Engine will be the same as Super Formula, a 2.0l turbo. It will be around 550hp vs 500hp of today. So it will probably expected to be faster than the current regulation ones. I'm not sure if 550hp is with a hybrid or not.
Hybrid system is based on the basic engineering concept of GT300 CR-Z hybrid though it will be higher capacity and a bit more efficient. It's a new next nversion of it, so he said. According to the drawing behind them, it looks like the motor is right next to the engine in the back just like the eCR-Z GT300 but the battery pack and the rest are in the front. Something like that. I hope someone will refine this so that at least readable.

Oh about the new 3rd gen Fit, it is a brand new monocoque chassis / body. It was designed from the ground up. It is not modified chassis from the 2nd Fit.

CRV9 said...

Oh I forgot to tell you two more things. Mr. Mastumoto himself was an engine-er who worked on the 2nd F1 engines, 3rd F1 engines and Super GT 500 engines before he became the LPL. This time he put their younger generation engineers on the project and they're struggling and trying in unknown territory. He needs to yell at them "What the heck do you think you're doing?" sometimes.

One of the two drivers sitting next to him said that he saw GT300 CR-Z and was surprised to see so many switches on the steering wheel. He said his friend drivers of the CR-Z had to study how to use all these buttons and switches at home after the races. Mr. Mastumoto-san smiled mischievously hearing this and said that they try to make it simple as possible but the engineers are greedy in possibility in technology. They'd like to think so many possible usages so would tell the drivers that they could use this or that on this occasion or that corner or ... .

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