Thursday, October 31, 2013

Launch of new Odyssey in Tokyo!

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the launch the all-new Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute Multi-Purpose-Vehicle today.

Odyssey Absolute (FF, 8-occupant)
Odyssey Absolute EX (FF, 7-occupant)

With the adoption of the sliding doors and high roofline design, it appears that Honda has decided to move the fifth generation all-new Odyssey to the premium MPV segment previously covered by the Elysion and Elysion Prestige. It remains unknown if Honda will reintroduce the Elysion with a bigger body promising even greater space plus possibly power from the J series V6 engines, but the new Odyssey is positioned to offer an unprecedented level of premium quality. 

Having been an Elysion owner, the new Odyssey appeals to me as it has been eight years since the launch of the Elysion. Based on the features introduced during the launch event, the new Odyssey inherits many features of the Elysion and appeals to families that enjoy long travels together in comfort.

I am happy to hear that the all-new Odyssey Absolute features the newly developed Earth Dreams 2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC engine with direct fuel injection. With a positive impression of this new powerplant provided by the US Accord, we look forward to sample a heightened level of sportiness and enjoyment in the driving performance of the Odyssey Absolute.

This engine will be coupled with the new CVT developed by Honda and while we do know that many have been disappointed with Honda's previous generation of CVTs, I would urge all to defer your judgement until we obtain the chance to test the new car.

I am excited at the launch of the Odyssey and it marks 2013 as a year with one of the most new model launches in Honda's history. The Odyssey is an important model in Honda's line-up with presence all over the world and the Elysion brought me lovely experiences which were totally expected of a Honda. I am sure Honda has learnt lots from the US Odyssey (which is also an Odyssey with sliding doors) and the numerous Acura models and harnessed the learnings into this 5th generation Odyssey.  I hope the 5th generation will be the model that will take the fight to Toyota's Vellfire/Estima and show that Honda is equally capable of producing a flagship MPV.  

We summarised the key features of the Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute below.
New ultra-low-floor platform delivering balanced combination of roomy interior and exceptional driving performance
Combination of flowing exterior proportions and roomy interior, thanks to ultra-low-floor platform
Interior offering roomy and refined comfort in all three rows
Ultra-low steps and wide sliding doors supporting easy entry and exit
Newly developed engine and CVT delivering powerful acceleration and best-in-class fuel economy*

Honda's News Release

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