Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013-2014 Japan Car of the Year Hall of Fame Awards

Fit HYBRID · F package (FF)
TOVA is pleased to share the news that the Fit hybrid has won the 2013-2014 Japan Car of the Year Hall of Fame award. The announcement was made by NPO Japan Automobile Hall of Fame. 
3 key points were highlighted for the Fit to win the award. 
1. Inheritance of design concepts from concept models 
2. Evolution of hybrid technology 
3. Design that goes beyond enhancing convenience and excellent interior space.

Accord Hybrid EX
The Sport Hybrid i-MMD in the "Accord Hybrid" also won the 2013-2014 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Car Technology of the Year. 

The lineup of SPORT HYBRID

In addition, Honda's first "N360", which is the first commercially available mini-car in 1967, was awarded the 2013 Japan Automobile Hall of Fame history car.

Click the link below for Honda's press release on the line-up of Honda's Sport Hybrid Systems

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