Sunday, December 22, 2013

9G Civic 1.8 Report up in TOVA

My report of my test drive of the 9Gen Civic 1.8 i-VTEC is now up in TOVA. The direct url is


Anonymous said...

Brilliant in-depth review. However, article does not seem to touch much on NVH (tyre, wind, suspension and engine noise) and whether has the 9G improved in these compare to 8G. Other thing like sound system system quality, larger side view area, seat comfort also seems to be missing.

Also, I wish that you able to carry out do a technical review on what has been improved on the 9G R18Z1 over 8G R18A1 :) Lastly, I also hope for a bit more clarification on the fuel consumption, as I heard that 9G has improved quite alot compare to 8G in this department. 15km/l is city driving?

Maybe I am asking too much. Still, thumbs up for such a great review!

TOVA said...

Thanks for your comments. They will be useful for me to improve my test drives, to make them more comprehensive. Unfortunately it's too late for those cars I already tested but have not completed the report, like the Civic 2.0 and HCH. But I am scheduled to take the CR-V and CKD Jazz (still 2G) for test in a few weeks time and will make a point to observe those in more detail. Thanks.

TOVA said...

Also, unfortunately I don't think I will be able to compare the 'new' R18A against the 'old' one in the 8G as I don't have the opportunity to talk to the Honda engineer anymore. But potentially when the MMC/facelift comes in a couple of year's time, I hope to cover this area then.

Finally about the fuel consumption, the thing is when we drive 'carefully', i.e. in a way to try to get best possible consumption, we can potentially hit reasonably good figures. I was getting in the 11's and 12's (km/l) for in-city driving but I really had to concentrate - very careful with the throttle, avoid braking as much as possible, smooth slow acceleration, things like that. For in city driving, it is easy to become an annoying road-hog when we do it too much. 15km/h was on the highway so it is not really illustrative as it will quickly degrade once we reach inner city roads.

Fuel consumption unfortunately is really a very unreliable topic to report about as it is extremely dependent on the driver. Interestingly this is one of the reasons why Honda seldom publicize fuel consumption figures with their specs, unless it is mandatory or unavoidable. One idea that pops to mind is to record a long-ish drive sequence with the fuel consumption computer reset. Then put up the video and the resultant fuel consumption in the report. A maybe 3 minute drive might hopefully be able to give a vague idea of the fuel consumption capability of the car. I will try this with the CR-V and CKD Jazz and see how useful it will be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your quick and careful reply. Looking forward for your upcoming review for 9g civic 2.0 and hybrid as those 2 models have more drastic change (e.g. change from K to R series engine for 2.0). =D

Regarding the ECON in your review, IMHO, the ECON mode can actually help even the light footers. From the car manual, it is said that the ECON button will manipulate throttle input ratio, gear shifting speed, air cond system and cruise control.

FiSHChan said...

In recent youtube video review some car popular malaysia blog site (which I found to be more & more aanoying to read lately), the super genius reviewer drove the Civic 2.0 and not only rev the engine BEFORE the calculating out the fuel consumption (I don't think they calculate manually too, they just see on the display), but he is revving in ECON mode and say it has "no power". Such genius right? And he likes seat coolers to keep his butt cool so much.

I can see why the Civic is not as competive with the other cars in some areas, but that is just a stupid thing to see in a review, have to question it is not professional judgment aespecially handling and visibility, practicably, reliability, safety etc is not really touch on.

Anyway....... i look forward to your review of the 2.0 and for some PROFESSIONAL report... keep up the good work Wong.

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