Monday, December 2, 2013

New Honda Odyssey and NSX shown at the Bangkok Motor Show

02 December 2013 Bangkok 
Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. introduced the all-new Honda Odyssey for the first time in Thailand and showcased the Honda NSX, a super sport hybrid concept car, along with a lineup of 14 Honda models, at the 30th Motor Expo 2013.  This year, Honda’s booth is based on the concept “Shining Through the Next Era” to reflect how Honda has reinforced its leadership in innovative automobiles. Honda has also rolled out the “Honda For You As Always” campaign with special offers for Honda customers.

Mr. Pitak Pruittisarikorn, Executive Vice President, Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., “The Honda booth this year is under the concept of ‘Shining Through the Next Era’ to reflect how Honda continues to strive to reinforce our leadership in innovative, high-performance and environmentally-friendly automobiles. For the 2013 Motor Expo, Honda is presenting the Thailand debut of the all-new Honda Odyssey, a premium minivan that offers first-class comfort; the Honda NSX, a super sport hybrid concept car; and a wide range of 14 models of vehicles including alternative energy automobiles such as E85, CNG, and hybrid models to satisfy all customer needs and lifestyles.”
The all-new Honda Odyssey, a premium minivan, shows an outstanding character in all dimensions, plus luxury and elegance.  The roomier interior embraces modernity, sophistication and perfect functionality to provide the ultimate relaxation for all passengers.  The cradle seats in the second row offer first-class comfort with 10-way adjustments to suit all passenger requirements, including leg rests, articulated backrests and adjustable nape rests for the ultimate comfort during a journey. The seating is independently split into left and right with a walk-through feature. Power left- and right-side sliding rear doors provide convenient entry and exit of the cabin.
The new-generation Honda Odyssey comes equipped with an advanced touch audio system and tri-zone air-conditioning operated by a touch control panel. Other highlights are the 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC® Earth Dreams Technology engine that produces 175 horsepower and a CVT, resulting in powerful acceleration and best-in-class fuel economy, as well as supporting E20 gasoline.   To enhance visibility during driving with clear and complete views, safety features include a Multi-View Camera System, Honda Smart Parking System, Blind Spot Information System, Cross Traffic Monitor and many other striking safety solutions. 
The all-new Honda Odyssey is available in two variants including the 2.4E priced at 2,750,000 baht and the 2.4EL priced at 2,950,000 baht.  The all-new Honda Odyssey comes in four colors including Premium Twinkle Black (Pearl), Super Platinum Silver (Metallic), White Orchid (Pearl) with a black interior and Crystal Black (Pearl) with a beige interior.
Another highlight showcased at the Honda booth during the 2013 Motor Expo is the Honda NSX, a next-generation super sport hybrid concept car. Powered by a Direct Injection V6 VTEC engine, along with Honda's Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive), the Honda NSX delivers breakthrough high-speed performance while being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.  With its unique design and featuring the Human Support Cockpit, the Honda NSX is truly a whole new level of experience for the joy of driving. In addition, the lightweight aluminum body of the Honda NSX is recyclable without generating waste.  With the integration of breakthrough technology, the Honda NSX truly marks the new definition of Honda's next generation automobiles.
Also on display at the Motor Expo is the Honda Freed concept car, based upon the award- winning creative idea in the “Freed Your Mind Design Contest”, in which students submitted their designs for a Honda Freed to be modified for business purposes.  The winning team, Pinky Pig, is comprised of students from the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, with their idea of the Freedom Cup Cake Café, based on a concept of sharing joy with others that reflects the personality of the Honda Freed, which offers diverse utility and best suits modern lifestyles.
Honda is also highlighting the new “Honda For You As Always” campaign with special offers to thank all customers for their kind support. Customers who make a reservation for any Honda model at the motor show will be eligible to win one of three prizes of Honda STEPWGN SPADA Limited Editions or 100 prizes of golden necklaces, with all prizes worth a total value of more than 10 million baht.


Unknown said...

I wonder where I can buy a good used honda in Los Angeles. Do you have any ideas? Should I go through a dealership? Or just try to find one through a private party?

WongKN said...

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