Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Prototype 2G NSX crashes during testing

The japanese newspaper Hokkaido Shinbun (Hokkaido News) reported a car crash at Honda's Takasu proving grounds at around 11am on May 13th. The car under test went off the track on a left hander and crashed into the woods besides the track. Report says that two persons in their forties were hurt with the passenger admitted to nearby hospital in Asahikawa city. Also stated is that there were around 60 persons at the track at that time. 

While no official release was made by Honda, initial speculation is that this is Honda's new 2G NSX that crashed into the woods. The aerial photo published by Hokkaido Shinbun which is reproduced on the left shows a car with an exterior design that suggests this is so.

Our (TOV/TOVA) resident insider also confirms this on our forums, with additional info that the testers, both of whom were powertrain engineers are ok. The passenger experienced pain on his side after the crash so he was admitted to ER for X-Rays.

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