Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artist Impression : 3Gen Honda Fit/Jazz

Launched back in June 2001, the Honda Fit/Jazz was a brand new model in Honda's line-up. It was a runaway success, achieving the then unheard of task of outselling Toyota's Corolla in the JDM. After a hugely successful run, the new 2 Generation Fit/Jazz was launched in October 2007. This one again was a big success in the JDM and many other parts of the world (though not so in ASEAN).

The Honda Fit/Jazz was one of the first to adopt Honda's new 6-years model life-span, back when 4 years was standard and 5 years was just starting to become common for Honda models. With the current 2nd gen Fit/Jazz, this 6 years life cycle should continue. This means that the new 3rd gen Fit/Jazz should become available at the end of 2013. That's still a good 2-3 years away.

Or is it ?

Japanese car-scoop magazines like Mag-X and web-portals like are already publishing artist impressions of how the next generation Honda Fit/Jazz will look like. They are even making predictions on engines and body dimensions. Autoten for e.g. is partially quoting Mag-X and is predicting that Honda will continue with the 1.2/1.3l and 1.5l engines but will increase the hybrid engine to 1.5l in displacement. Also they claim a diesel option is being considered for some markets. Size apparently is supposed to be largely unchanged, with LWH at 3925mm x 1695mm x 1520mm.

For the full article, follow the link below:
AUTOTEN.COM 3G Fit Article.

Source : AUTOTEN.COM, MAG-X (Japan)

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