Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honda Fit/Jazz best seller in Japan for January 2011

After 20 straight months as the best selling vehicle in the JDM, the Toyota Prius was knocked off its pedestal and once again it was the might Honda Fit (Jazz) who did this. Last holding this spot in December 2007, sales of Honda Fit rised up to 15,000 units in January 2011, an increase of 10%. At the same time, the expiry of the japanese government's incentive for green cars in September last year saw sales of the Toyota Prius steadily falling, and finally down to only 14,000 units, a decrease of 40% (apparently based on month on month comparisons). According to the Japan Times web portal, the Prius apparently lost some of its potential buyers to it's own smaller brother, Toyota's all-new, fuel-efficient Vitz subcompact, which hit the market in December. Meanwhile, the launch of the Honda Fit Hybrid, now the most affordable hybrid car in the JDM also played a part in this 'victory'.

With Toyota's stranglehold in the JDM, challenging for the top selling spots has always been an achievement. That the Honda Fit managed to do this, eventhough only rarely, speaks much for the superb excellence of this already legendary model from Honda.

Source : The Japan Times news portal (

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