Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Honda to resume development of the new 'NSX'

The biggest news to Honda enthusiasts over the past week has been reports coming from Japan-based web portals that Ito-san, CEO of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., has officially confirmed that Honda has resumed development work on their next super-car, what some many Honda fans have been calling the 'new NSX'. Two of the more widely read sources are below

Yahoo Japan (in japanese)


As far as I know, this is indeed true - that Honda has resumed development of their new supercar. However, it is important to note that it is development and many important decisions are yet to be made.

It is still not confirmed yet if the original design was adopted for this development. In fact other than the widely known fact that Ito-san has officially confirmed the re-start of development, no other details are available and it is highly likely that all other details published in all media sites are just assumptions and nothing else.

Honda's new supercar was under development until the financial crisis hit the U.S. and Europe back in 2008/2009. Development of that car was then officially suspended (not cancelled), along with other movess like Honda's sudden decision to abandon the Formula-1 championship. That design was a V10 supercar with around 400-500hp. It was an FR and was a 2+2 seater in configuration, designed to take on Nissan's R35 Skylne GT-R. After the suspension, it was then re-developed into the HSV-010 GT race car that won Honda the double championship title in SUPER GT last year (drivers and team titles by the No. 18 WEIDER HSV).

Note also that ASAHI.COM also quoted Ito-san as saying that there are two type of sports-car, affordable and high-performance and that he hopes Honda can market both. However, it is probably wise to just treat this as an expression of his wish instead of anything else.

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