Thursday, March 31, 2011

Authoritative Information on radiation levels in Japan

Due to Honda being one of Japan's largest car manufacturers, as well as one of the two manufacturers most affected by the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami early this month, we at TOV/TOVA have been especially concerned about the situation in Japan. I myself have personal friends living in Tokyo.

One of the most alarming developments lately has been the amount of mis-information and in some cases, blatant mis-representation and fear-mongling amongst many reports especially on the internet and often even in traditional media. Sensational headlines seems to be the norm today.

It is true that radiation and its ill-effects are very worrisome. However, for those TOV/TOVA readers who are interested to know the truth and nothing but the truth, it is worthwhile knowing that the worldwide authority on nuclear-related matters is the International Atomic Energy Agency or the IAEA. All other 'authorities' that may be quoted in news reports are simply fake. The IAEA reports directly to the U.N. including policing adherence to policy and reporting errant countries to the UN Security Council. Therefore, if you are really eager to know the true situation, especially if it may affect you directly in one way or another, the proper place to check is the IAEA website, and not all those newspapers, internet portals and so forth.

The IAEA website has a dedicated page on up-to-date updates on the Tokoku earthquake/tsunami situation including internationally verified data on current status of the Fukushima plant as well as radiation levels. Do note that all radiation levels and information seems to be independently verified by experts from properly accredidated international bodies, such as the WHO and so forth. The Japan authorities are also being advised on most critical matters by experts from these bodies. Therefore, if you read comments from 'experts' from previously unheard of organizations talking like authorities on the nuclear situation, you really should ask the key question of WHY they are talking and NOT in Japan offering advice and help.

The link to the page is question is here :

Please note that wild reports of radiation levels running out of control in Japan are NOT supported by actual internationally verified information. Also any reports about airborne radiation having made its way outside of Japan are also not true at all. To close this post, the following quote was in the IAEA website on March 30th. This is about radiation level measurement from Singapore authorities whom apparently have been instructed by the IAEA to measure and provide the data to them, regarding any radiation having made their way outside of Japan..

"In response to the request for data on measurement, the IEC has received information from Singapore. The Singapore Authorities have sent reports on measurements in food imported from Japan (cabbages). Some samples were over the Codex Alimentarius values recommended for international trade. In Singapore no increase in gamma dose rates have been observed and no fission products have been found in air samples."

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