Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Video of new 9G Civic !! (USDM model)

For fans of the Honda Civic, the latest excitement is the video someone took of AHM (American Honda Motors) doing a video shoot for advertisement of the new 9th generation Honda Civic. This video shows us exactly what the new Civic looks like. Bear in mind this is the U.S. model. However the Asian model will be very similar. There is in fact, already an article on the 9th gen Civic for China and that will be covered in our next post. The link below is to our TOV's news and rumours article for the video.

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podracer said...

Is this a new design language? The rear of the new Nissan Teana on our roads reminds me of these 2012 US Civics (or is it the other way round, release timing is crucial..). It's a subjective thing but I hope they fix it in Japan/Asian version.

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