Monday, March 14, 2011

Minor update on the Japan Quake

ALL of my friends have responded and ALL of them are safe and healthy. In fact from what I can see, most of central Tokyo has not even been affected by the much circulated and overhyped power and water cut. My friend for e.g. reported no disruption to the electric or water supply to his house which is in central Tokyo.

In the meantime, my friend at Honda HQ has also responded and he too is safe and healthy.

It is true that Honda had suffered a bit from the quake. According to official sources, including what was told to me directly, one or two casualties (depending on who is the source) has been experienced in the Honda R&D center in Tochigi when a wall collapsed on the employees. Others have been injured as well. No serious harm has been done other than the two unfortunate casualties. But it is true that some Honda plants have to be temporarily closed. The closure is due to parts supplies - some of Honda's part suppliers have been affected by the quake.

For people concerned about the impact to the availability and delivery of cars imported from Japan, e.g. the Honda Insight in Malaysia, Honda Malaysia has built up a large amount of stock for the Insight before delivery started last month. This was the reason for the delay between the launching in December last year and the first deliveries last month. So, whatever rumours or stories you heard people with 'connections' tell you, TRUST ONLY what your DEALER tells you. They have access to a centralized order management system run by Honda Malaysia and they know all details about stock availability and delivery times. For other countries in Asia, I strongly advice you to do the same and simply IGNORE ANY RUMOURS OR STORIES especially those spreading gloom and doom, on the internet, forums, phone SMS, or even by word of mouth. Conspiracy theories are not always right. Meanwhile I will try and see if I can get some sort of official response on this matter from Honda Malaysia.

For TOV/TOVA supporters who wants to know more about the nuclear situation that is developing in Japan -BUT- wants to separate the HYPE and OVER-DRAMATIZATION from the TRUE FACTS, do be informed that TOV contributor Daniel Garcia is living in Nagoya Japan and is working for the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. He has been keen, like me, that people around the world know the REAL NEWS, rather than some of the over-dramatized ones floating around. Also, being a researcher in atomic power, he is also able to separate the facts from the bullshit and is able to explain the REAL situation in an accurate and level-headed way. He has absolutely NO dealings with the power companies that runs the nuclear power plant and so he has EVERY intention to report accurately. You can follow his tweets at!/daniel_garcia_r . Daniel also says that of all the news portals, the Japan Times is the most responsible. Also if you want news from some NGO who is savvy with atomic energy but also responsible and free from hype, ANS at is considered accurate too.

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