Thursday, October 20, 2011

CONFIRMED DATE for Honda CR-Z launch

It is "double-confirmed" now. The Honda CR-Z is coming to Malaysia, to be launched almost right at the start of next month, barely two weeks away. Based on past track record, the information from the TOVA reader says that what will be launched will be the 6MT version, with the CVT version still under consideration and this info should be accurate. With the Malaysian government extending tax exemption for hybrid vehicles for another year until end of next year, this means that the CR-Z promises to probably be the most affordable sports coupe sold in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

With the heavy traffic in kl, I would prefer a CVT version. I've made booking & paid RM1k.

TOVA said...

Wow, congratulations. Since they took your booking, I take it that they told you the CVT version will also be launched ?

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