Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photos of flooded Honda factory in Thailand

TOVA reader/support 'Fish-Chan' posted some photos of the flooded HAT (Honda Automobile Thailand) factory on our TOV forums board. I thought those photos would be of interest to all Honda fans so I decided to publish them here. 

'Fish-Chan' did not indicate from where he sourced the photos from but I am sure once he reads this post, he will explain. In the meantime, many thanks to him for the photos as I am sure many Honda fans would be very curious on the extent of the impact the flood in Thailand has on a very unlucky Honda. First the great Tohoku earthquake in March, and now this great Thailand flood in October, both disasters inside a year.

The photos can be viewed after the jump, by clicking on the link below.

Click on each photo to view the full sized version.

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FiSH-Chan said...

Hi, thanks for the mention.

Unfortunately I am not good at keeping bookmarks so whenever I randomly find images (usually through image.google.com I just get the pic links and then forgot about them). Yes, I think these came from google.

But I think in Yahoo! news they have some more photos (with different angles) if you can find at the news posts of earlier this month.

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