Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The beginning : New small model details revealed by Honda

A few months ago, there were reports that Honda has announced the introduction of 3 new models in the 'Kei' (mini/super-mini) segment. At their JDM cum corporate website, the first of these new models are now showing up as a teaser. 

This new model is a mini-van, and indeed the teaser has indicated that Honda will be reviving their long extinct 'N' name for this new model. Details that Daniel could extract from the Honda website are as follows:

  • They are indeed reviving the "N-series", and the important part is the "series" part. The N-Box debuts a whole new K-car (660cc) platform, and will be followed by a family of "N-cars".
  • New platform builds on Fit ideas, with an underfloor fuel tank, taking the good old Honda "Man Maximum Machine Minimum" to a extent never seen before.
  • A new engine will come along with the new platform, even more compact than before, and introducing a CVT for the first time on a Honda 660cc. It will also be the first non-hybrid Honda to use auto-idle stop
Honda has also opened a new 'UStream' website and has uploaded a video of the launch of the Freed Hybrid, Insight Exclusive and this new model. The url for to watch the video is below:

Frame captures by Daniel shows us some details of the new N minivan. It seems it will be a 5-door mini-van with the engine placed right in front and at the bottom of the driver's foot well. All of Daniel's frame grabs are below but do bear in mind that they are screen grabs which is why their resolution and quality are quite low.  

As usual, there is no indications if this will make its way out of Japan. For Malaysia at least, since it will be in direct conflict with the Perodua range of K-cars, the chances seems to be small.

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